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All Metal Fabricators is a leader in the metal fabrication industry. Founded in 1976 , and based in Acton Massachusetts, we have earned our reputation by providing quality, flexibility, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. All of our designs are created with a vibrant, dynamic core of innovation, knowledge, tradition and pride. We have the capability to create and manufacture virtually any shape or design of metal product. We are proud of our reputation as a precision metal fabricator and believe that our customers deserve and receive our undivided attention with every job we accept.

All Metal Fabricators is widely known for its vast work in the architectural as well as manufacturing and biotechnical fields.

All Metal Fabricators is housed in a 7200 square foot facility utilizing state-of-the-art fabricating equipment. We have a dedicated staff with years of experience in a variety of metal fabrication industries allowing us to provide innovative solutions.

At All Metal Fabricators, our job is to work with you to custom-fabricate your designs using the latest in metal fabrication techniques. We will assist your engineering department by providing alternative money saving solutions backed by our drawing services and we welcome the opportunity to partner with architect professionals.

On this site, you'll find client lists and testimonials as well as many pictures illustrating our expertise in varying metal applications.

Contact us today to make your vision come alive through the medium of metal!

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